Xebec Snap Ecosystem: Turn Your Laptop Into The Ultimate Portable Workstation, In A Snap

The Xebec Snap Ecosystem is a collection of productivity products that seamlessly attach to your laptop and perfectly optimize your work setup.

  • Stack Your Monitors with the Snap Screen + Stack-Up Mount
  • Snap Light: Video conferencing light with fully customizable settings
  • Snap Wireless Phone Charger & Mount (MagSafe compatible)
  • Compatible with Mac, Windows, Chromebook, and Linux

  • Powered by our patented Xebec Snap technology

    Quick Setup In Just 3 Simple Steps


    The Snap Bracket attaches securely to the back of your laptop screen using our patented tensioning design. No magnets or adhesives.


    Connect the Snap Bracket to your laptop using the embedded USB cables. Just one cable per piece of Snap Gear, no matter what laptop you have. Supports both USB-C and USB-A ports.


    Arrange the Snap Screen, Light, or Phone Charger to your desired configuration* and connect with a strong and satisfying "SNAP."

    Wirelessly Attach Snap Gear Directly To Your Laptop To Maximize Productivity & Portability

    Xebec's patented Snap Technology lets you instantly attach our Snap Screen, Light, or Wireless Phone Charging Mount directly to your laptop with a super strong and satisfying ‘Snap’ connection. Geat the gear you need and boost productivity by over 40%.

    Modular Design Optimized For YOUR Work

    The modular design allows you to effortlessly swap out your Snap Gear to perfectly customize your work setup. The Snap Bracket allows you to connect ANY TWO pieces of Snap Gear to your laptop, for ANY combination you desire!

    Phone (stacked) + Snap Screen

    Snap Screen (stacked) + Phone

    Snap Light (stacked) + Phone

    Reduce Neck Strain, Maintain Eye Contact, And Minimize Space With Stacked Mode

    The Snap Stack-Up Mount puts your Snap Screen, Light, or Phone stacked above your laptop screen, right where you need it! This puts your webcam right in the center of your screens and keeps your work space tidy on the sides.

    The Stack-Up Mount snaps directly to the Snap Bracket and is adjustable to any horizontal location above your laptop. Improve your posture and work better with less mess at your desk.

    Adjustable Color & Brightness To Look Great On Video Calls, Recordings & Live Streams

    You spend valuable time in front of your webcam. Look your best and make a good impression with optimal lighting for any environment.

    Select from color temperature (2700k-6300k) mode or RGB mode, with access to the full range of color setting.

    Hands-free Phone Mount & Wireless Charger

    The MagSafe compatible Snap Wireless Phone Charger enables hands-free use for quickly checking notifications, steady video calls, and more. Integrate your phone directly into your workstation and leave work fully charged.

    Bright & Large 13.3” Screens With 1080p Resolution

    Large Full-HD displays give you a full screen view with full-size text so you can seamlessly move applications across all of your monitors and work more comfortably. At 400 nits of brightness you make no sacrifice.

    Compatible With Windows, Mac, Chromebook, & Linux laptops

    The integrated USB cables create a "Snap-and-play" setup that’s simple and easy to use on ANY laptop. With DisplayLink chips embedded directly to the screens you've even got a seamless setup on M1 and M2 MacBooks, no adapters needed!

    Xebec's patented Snap Bracket mounts to the back of your laptop screen without magnets or adhesive so you can enjoy care-free use on company laptops.