Partner with Xebec and build the flexible work era

Partner with Xebec and build the flexible work era.

Xebec Affiliates

Leading the trend toward on-the-go office setups, we are enabling anyone to work from anywhere. Through the Xebec Affiliate Program, you can help others embrace the flexible work mindset by referring remote work professionals, adventure enthusiasts, and anyone who wants the freedom to choose how they spend their workday. And you’ll get rewarded for your efforts.

How it Works

Xebec affiliates earn a 8% commission on all sales referred to our site.

Who Our Affiliates Are

Are you a blogger or content creator in the travel, lifestyle, or product testing space? Do you have an engaged audience that resonates with the Xebec brand mission?

Benefits of Joining

-Competitive commission
-30-day cookie 
-30-day return
-High average order value
-Early access to Xebec deals

How to Apply

Think you'd be a fit? Fill out this form, and we’ll be in touch.