Spotlight Series - MusicbyLukas

Welcome back to our spotlight series! Where we highlight different creatives who embody the Free Yourself lifestyle. Check out Lukas' approach to the #FreeYourself lifestyle below. 

We asked music producer MusicbyLukas about his thoughts on flexible work. Check out the interview below.

Could you tell us about yourself?

4 years ago I decided to sell my home & everything I owned in Los Angeles to live on the road full-time and travel the world as a music producer, business owner, and online influencer with my partner.

What do you do for a living?

My side-hustles have now become my career. Before leaving Los Angeles I worked at a bank and went to night school to pursue a degree in Finance. I had always wanted to do something in music and was unhappy where I was. My partner/filmmaker Lauren Z. Ray pushed me to follow my passions and start a YouTube channel and Instagram to build a community and get my music heard. Every night when I would get home from work & school, we filmed videos and I worked on music. I also started building a website that sold products and coaching for music producers. To make a long story short, eventually we realized that it was time to go all-in on the side hustle, so I quit my job & school and we sold everything to hit the road. I'm now the co-founder of the music community & website and music artist. 

What does flexible work mean for you?

Flexibility means not letting your comfort zone and past experiences hold you back from your potential. I used to be so stuck in my ways that I couldn't see the incredible amount of opportunities starring me straight in the face.

What are some tips for other people living and working on the go?

There are so many, but here are 3 that I live by:

  1. Put your health first. Eat well, workout, focus on your mental health, and get good sleep.
  2. Make time for fun stuff & experiences.
  3. Connect with other remote workers you can relate to.

How has remote work enriched your life?

What I've realized is that the things I remember most and have brought me the most joy are the people in my life, the experiences I've had, and the places I've been. Because of remote work, I spend more time with the people I love, have more time for experiences, and live around the world in amazing places (which I never could have done at my old desk job at the bank).

What's your favorite part about your Tri-Screen?

It's perfect for travel, I love the quality, and it's lightweight. It keeps me organized and more productive. When I'm working on it, I have my tasks list on the left screen and my schedule on the right. When I'm making music, I have my samples on the left screen, and my mixer on the right. I don't think I can go back to working remotely without it.