Skyrocket Productivity with Xebec

In today’s society, we are all seeking more of the same resource: TIME. In order to balance the various responsibilities at home, at work, and personally, productivity is becoming increasingly essential. At the same time, our lives are moving online. We work there, shop there, create there, and even socialize there. How can we boost our productivity, especially as it relates to time spent on computers? Let’s look to what the data has to say.

Show Me The Evidence

In theory, the more screens you have to work off of on a computer, the more you can get done. Theories are great, but do scientific studies support this? Turns out, they do.

This study published by Fujitsu Siemens Computers discovered three monitors increased productivity up to 35.5%.

Another study conducted by the Georgia Institute of Technology showed that employees were able to complete tasks 2.5 minutes faster using a multiple monitor setup - that may not seem like a lot, but as tasks aggregate throughout the day, so does saved time. To get even more specific, a Utah study found that dual monitors increased productivity by 44% when completing text tasks and by 29% when completing spreadsheet tasks.

Who Can Benefit From the Xebec Tri-Screen?

Everyone who relies on a computer can benefit from multiple monitors, but let’s take a closer look at just a few key use cases. As a consultant, I moved from client to client, conference room to conference room, and could not depend on a bulky, traditional multi-monitor setup. For those that have a consistent work space, Xebec allows them to escape the office and take their work home to spend time with family and take care of other responsibilities. People within any industry enjoy the additional screen space and portability of Xebec without taking up additional desk space: Software Engineers, Graphic Designers, Financial Planners, Bankers, Traders, PR Professionals, Photographers, Salespeople, and Advertising / Marketing Professionals, just to name a few. Productivity doesn't need to be limited to the work-force either, students who switch classrooms and study areas throughout the day can take Xebec with them.

What Can the Xebec Tri-Screen Accomplish?

With only one monitor we find ourselves losing focus by switching our attention as we "Alt+Tab" from one page to another. Sometimes even forgetting what was on a previous page, we end up re-verifying our reference documents, spending time on what could simply be displayed right in front of is. With Xebec, you can enjoy communicating through email and messenger on your left screen, focusing on the task at hand on your center screen, and leaving reference documents on your right screen, whether that be an internet browser, a PDF report, an Excel sheet, etc. However there are infinite opportunities to get creative and let your priorities drive what you place on each screen. Save time and get more work done. Xebec allows us to accomplish more than we could have ever imagined.

Where Can I Use the Xebec Tri-Screen?

Anywhere! When I work remote, a few of my favorite places include coffee shops, outside by the pool, and in-transit. When at the office you can still use Xebec whether at your desk, in meeting rooms, or working sessions. Taking work outside the office to our homes or on trips may seem stressful without the necessary resources, but Xebec’s portability allows you to Free Yourself and be productive anywhere life may take you!