Evan Duvall - On the Move

Introducing our spotlight series! We want to highlight different creatives who embody the Free Yourself lifestyle. Check out Evan's approach to the #FreeYourself lifestyle below. 

Somedays, a routine can feel essential; for others, it can feel overbearing. I am no stranger to structure; as a Navy veteran, I prefer the art of discipline in certain areas of my life. However, I spent years of my life in an environment where I couldn’t express myself fully; creativity threatened order, so I dedicated the rest of my life from the day I was discharged to radical self-expression. I would never compromise the inspiration I feel from observing the people and the state of the world around me. I know this is the greatest gift I could ask for, and I will spend each day seeking environments that give me that spark. It is our job to bust things up, to rebel against the norm, to have a ritualistic change of scenery, to test ourselves daily, and to inspire ourselves to leave our unique mark on this world.

After the military, I dove headfirst into production, producing my podcast, hosting galleries and parties, and eventually running the venue, introducing me to various local artists and industries here in Austin, TX. Throughout this journey, I have realized that creativity connects people in multiple ways. The most creative and talented people I know are all on a journey to understand their art and the world around them at a deeper level. Creatives will be the first to say they are still learning, but most importantly, they always observe how and why things around them happen the way they do. It is through the creative outlets that I’ve learned the most and, therefore, why I continue to seek out creative environments.

We have more substance to draw inspiration from than ever. We have more information than we could have ever imagined in the palm of our hand. As things move faster and we get access to more information, it is critical that we think deeply about the life we have created for ourselves, ask ourselves if we are living in a way that is ideal for us personally, and take advantage of every opportunity there is available for you to prosper. If you realize that you’re not living according to those three things and are not happy, then it is time to consider where in your life you can make some changes and reap the benefits of taking that action.

Xebec is a company that creates innovative tools that help people do just that. They are assisting people to reconsider how, when, and where business is done. Xebec helps me maintain a work/life balance that is ideal for me. I can stay on the move and work whenever and wherever I want. This allows me to introduce as much perspective as possible, drawing inspiration from the scenery around me and giving me the space to focus on my daily priorities. Remote working has changed the scope of business forever. My workflow has evolved more in the last year than I could have ever imagined. A more efficient workflow gives us more time to interact with the world around us, shake hands, and connect with real people. I think the biggest problem we face is people’s inability to disconnect. On social media, we constantly look at things that aren’t real, seem just out of reach, or make us feel like our life isn’t good enough. It is easy to get lost in this digital space we have created, but I don’t want to see us lose sight of what matters and forget how to give back to ourselves to remain faithful to what we really want. To be authentic in this world, you must draw your inspiration from your surroundings and not just what you see online.

Xebec has helped me realize that there are ways that I can be more efficient when taking care of business without having to keep my head down and drill myself to get things done (with the help of The Tri-Screen 2). So I challenge you to take an honest look and see if your life is optimal if there are any other ways you can save time and energy, and apply it in a direction that helps you live a more peaceful and productive life. Be creative with how and where you work, and enjoy the journey. It’s paying attention to the journey itself that will eventually get you where you want to be.

- Evan Duvall