Why everyone is getting portable laptop monitors

There’s no question people have different working preferences. Whether it’s in an office, at home, or living the adventurous life of a digital nomad, many tasks depend upon having access to a monitor. Productivity shouldn’t have to be sacrificed when you leave the office. Check out our favorite ways to use a portable laptop monitor to better your workday.

Get visual feedback and retain more info while on video calls

This may seem obvious, but we’ve consistently been told that the Tri-Screen 2 is a game-changer for video calls. Not only can you get visual feedback from your audience and see chat rooms, but you can also take notes on your second screen to ensure you retain all the information from the meeting. That post-call recap email just got a lot easier.

Increase productivity 

Little things add up. And that includes the time switching between your multiple tabs and apps on your laptop. A study found that it takes a little over two seconds to toggle between different apps and websites, and the average person switches between the two around 1,200 times a day. That’s about four hours a week over time, which adds up to five working weeks. With triple screens, you can get back five extra weeks of time. Let that sink in.

It just works, for everyone

We don’t care what your job title is. The Tri-Screen 2 helps everybody, no matter what industry. Try to tell us who wouldn’t benefit from two extra screens. We’ll wait... 

If you’re interested in upping your productivity, check out our portable monitor options here.